The banking sector faces many challenges: an environment of durably low rates leads to pressure on margins, a surge in regulatory constraints, as well as the growing demands of customers.

With consumption patterns becoming more digital and Fintech offering disrupting the market, banks are facing more and more complex challenges.

In order to be competitive in this constantly changing ecosystem, banks must constantly reinvent their business model, invest in the customer experience, strengthen their product and service offer, rationalise their networks and respond efficiently to increasing regulatory constraints. Thereby, they will be able to capitalize on new technologies and data management to efficiently support their organization, business processes and customer value.

Bretteville Consulting supports Corporate and Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Payment & Cash Management, Asset Management and Securities Services in order to help them address these challenges.

Our firm relies particularly on:

  • The ability to decipher market trends and anticipate transformations
  • An extensive experience in the transformation of banking businesses
  • An in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • Innovative approaches based on digital and new technologies



Insurance players need to adapt in a constantly evolving environment: strong client requirements in terms of offers’ transparency, personalization of the relationship and ease of communication, permanent regulatory changes (Solvency 2, Hamon Law, ANI, Distribution Directive…). Thus an increasing pressure on asset-liability management along with the arrival of new players such as Insurtechs.

Insurers are facing the following major transformation challenges: optimization of operating models and design of new models, reassessment of customer experiences, search for new products and services, adaptation of distribution networks, optimization of management processes, adoption of digital, data management and connected objects.

Thanks to our cross-function expertise with the insurance ecosystem, Bretteville Consulting supports insurers (Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance) as well as mutual insurers in their development and transformation projects, in particular via:

  • Design of new operating models
  • Marketing of new offerings
  • Steering of development and transformation projects (distribution, digital, partnerships and mergers of entities, etc.)
  • Reorganization, optimization and digitalization of end-to-end processes (Front-to-Back)
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring and optimization of risk management
  • Support for the Actuarial Department (product pricing, inventories, provisions and regulatory calculations, etc.)



The arrival of Fintech is deeply transforming the financial services ecosystem. Innovative and disruptive product and service offerings, renewed and reinvented customer journeys as well as technological assets making the customer experience more efficient.

Thanks to the expertise in financial services, Bretteville Consulting provides tailor-made support to our FinTech clients in their innovation and development projects, regardless of the type of player (neobank, Paytech, Creditech, InsurTech, RegTech…) and the underlying disruptive technology (API, Blockchain, AI, Data Management…).

Bretteville Consulting is prioritizing the future of banking and helping create an innovative world for the future by aiding in the development processes using our resources and knowledge in the industry